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Craft Kitchens

fresh quality consistency value delivered.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri we have a passion for delivering exceptional grab and go food, and are revolutionizing the way people eat on-the-go.

With our commitment to using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, every bite is bursting with flavor. From delicious sandwiches and wraps to crisp salads, satisfying snacks and pre-made meals, Craft Kitchens has something for everyone. Whether you're in a hurry at a convenience store, vending machine, school, hospital, restaurant or airport, our grab and go options make it easy to fuel up quickly and deliciously. Discover why Craft Kitchens is the go-to choice for businesses seeking quality grab and go food.

Our Brand or Yours – partner with Craft Kitchens

Our locally sourced ingredients and meticulous quality processes produce the finest prepped program in the Midwest.

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Quality ingredients. Fresh, Fast, Consistent.

Made Fresh Daily

Whether our brand or yours, fresh quality is guaranteed.